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SEO for My Beauty Bazar

My Beauty Bazaar features 20000+ products through their massive well-established online store. The company consists of a team of 15 e-commerce experts in the U.S along with 20 professionals in India.


  • Understand the online health and beauty customer’s journey
  • Monitor how users’ tastes and preferences change in the search space
  • To generate faster and higher sales to reach economies of scale


  • No prominent search presence for the website
  • Not a very user-friendly ecommerce store
  • Lack of informative, interesting and engaging content
  • Slower load time of the site
e-commerce SEO case study


  • Understand user segments for the online store and create personas
  • Responsive website
  • Content optimization and promotion across channels

SEO campaign results

  • Top spots for the most competitive retail keywords
  • Organic traffic boosted by over 4100% in just a few months
  • Average new session up by around 445%
  • Bounce rate cut down by 90%
  • Average session duration on site increased by 4 minutes
  • Average ecommerce transaction up by 1400%

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