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  • Inbound marketing solutions to attract more leads for Startups
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  • Dominate local search with startup SEO digital marketing in India
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Startup Digital Marketing

Web design plan



Your startup is true to the word “innovative”, so should be your website in every sense. Get a website for your startup that is as thoughtful as your business itself. Start your online journey with Digitalhubagent.

Website development



Three simple words to define your startup website development: attractive, user-friendly, affordable. We have helped hundreds of startups across the globe in successfully establishing a profitable online presence. We can’t wait to get your business online through our award-winning startup website development services.

SEO growth



You don’t need to be a big fish in the market to claim the top spot on Google. We have the complete suite of SEO solutions to optimize your startup’s presence across the web.

Pay per click



Well-thought-out online advertising is critical to an enduring success for your startup. What better way to run your PPC advertising campaign than having a full control over what you spend, how you spend it and seeing it work for you, all in real time!

Social Media



What’s the most important thing for your startup? Engaging with your customers and turning them into long-term partners. Do that and much more with our leading edge social media marketing services for startups.

Jitesh Keswani

It all began as a startup just like YOU!

Nick - Founder, Squidosys

How I grew from 1 client every month to 1 client every 2 days.

A Result-driven startup marketing agency

  • Build online identity
  • Attract Quality Traffic
  • Generate and close leads
  • Connect socially
  • Re-market until they convert

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Startup Marketing Solutions

Claim your online presence Let the world know that you’re open for business and make it easy for them to find you.
Build your online presence Get high-quality website design and development services dedicated to startups.
Spread the word Engage with more customers across a wide array of social media platforms.
Advertise your startup Say goodbye to radio, paper and TV. Say hello to PPC advertising made for startups.
Generate leads online Get landing pages that are as creative as your startup itself and convert fast.
Communicate effectively you. Avail personalized email newsletters for your startup to reach out to your customers
Key stats
Reliable source of income Get an online business that is open 24/7 and not limited just to one region.
On the go campaign management You need to travel frequently for your startup, right? So will your digital marketing campaign.
Total control You decide where every penny goes and how it should be spent.
Real time analytics Don’t wait for a monthly report to find out whether it’s working for you. Get an instant access instead.
Dedicated support A project manager who is completely focused just on one thing: Your online success.
Content led campaigns Your customers want unique and meaningful content. That’s exactly what you get.

Common Startup FAQs

Squidosys digital marketing services ultimately help your startup grow. You don’t have to hire a full time sales team to find new customers. Get your business positioned as a leader in your niche online with Squidosys startup digital marketing suite.
You get to decide how much you want to spend for building and expanding your business’ presence online. You are in full control of how much you would like to spend and how would you like to spend it. Also, you see the ROI of your startup digital marketing campaign, in real time.
First, you need to establish your online presence with a customer-friendly and search-engine-friendly website. Then, you would need to get a top placement for your website in the search. You would then need to engage with your customers on social media platforms. You need to remarket your products and services in order to retain your existing customers. In short, you need all types of digital marketing services for your startup and we have got just that: A complete startup digital marketing suite.
No, you are not bound by any contract whatsoever. You can use our services on a monthly recurring basis. Make the most of our pay-as-you-go pricing depending upon your budget allocation to the rest of your business operations.
Well, that’s understandable. And that’s why you will have a dedicated project manager for your startup online marketing campaign who will keep sending you headups on only the things that you really should be knowing. And if you need a quick call, we’re always up for it.
Of course! We will give you’re the basic training about our services so that you know how your money is being spent online and also have a command over the strategy deployed for your business’ online success.

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